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Advantages of assembled sports flooring products


Detachable assembly: the assembled sports floor is composed of multiple splicing modules, which can be easily disassembled and assembled to meet the needs of different sites.

Elastic comfort: The sports floor is made of high elasticity material PP, which has a good cushioning effect, can effectively reduce the impact on the joints and muscles during exercise, and provide a comfortable exercise experience.

Anti-skid and wear-resistant: the surface of the sports floor is made of special texture and materials, with good anti-skid performance, to avoid slip and injury during exercise, and after wear-resistant treatment, can be used for a long time and not easy to wear. Our sports flooring has been certified by BA. The shelf life is 10 years.

Application scenarios of assembled sports floor: outdoor and indoor sports places: assembled sports floor can be applied to outdoor sports places, such as basketball court, tennis court five-a-side football field, providing smooth, comfortable and elastic sports field.