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Advantages of temporary lawn protection boards


Protect the lawn: the temporary lawn protection board can effectively prevent the damage and compaction caused by people or vehicles walking or parking on the lawn, and protect the integrity and growth state of the lawn.

Increase bearing capacity: the lawn protection board can evenly distribute the weight of personnel and vehicles to the whole protection board to increase the bearing capacity of the lawn and avoid crushing or formation of siltation area.

Protection against mud: In wet or rainy weather, lawn protection boards can block the moisture penetration, prevent the formation of muddy ground, and reduce the damage and pollution caused by trampling.

Rapid installation and disassembly: The temporary lawn protection board consists of connected modules that can be quickly installed and removed to meet different sites and activity requirements.

Application scenarios of temporary lawn protection board: Construction site: on the construction site, the temporary lawn protection board can cover the lawn to prevent large machinery or vehicles from causing damage to the lawn and protect the site environment.

Event place: In the event place (such as exhibitions, concerts, etc.), the lawn protection board can be used as a road for people and vehicles to protect the lawn from damage, while providing a safe and smooth walking and driving experience. Golf course: On the golf course, the lawn protection board can be used to set the vehicle passage route to avoid tire damage to the grass and keep the course clean and beautiful.

Parks and squares: In parks and squares, temporary lawn protection boards can be used for the setting of temporary parking lots to protect the integrity and beauty of the lawn, while providing the convenience of vehicles and pedestrians.

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